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Wise Borderless – the smart route for cross-currency savings

Benefits of the Personal Account

A Wise, formerly TransferWise, borderless account allows you to manage finances in multiple currencies. Certainly I generated sizable costs from bank transaction rates and additional fees before using one. The following information summarises the benefits of Wise borderless, accurate at the time of writing in July 2020.

Sign up to Wise Borderless to start moving money more cost effectively:

*The real exchange rate is the mid-point between the buy and sell rates on the global currency markets and constantly fluctuates.

**Further, this post contains affiliate links as Jeffo Blogs is partnered with Wise. Therefore, should you sign up using these, I earn a small commission (no added cost or inconvenience for you).

Wise Borderless Debit Mastercard

The Wise Debit MasterCard acts as a personal bank card for AUD, EUR, GBP and USD currencies. Major advantages of the Wise debit card include:

Meanwhile, find out everything you need to know about the debit card here: Debit Card from Wise – A solution to crippling exchange rates.

Comparison with personal bank, Barclays

Completely free transfers are a myth yet banks and exchange providers often set unfavourable rates, meaning you pay over the odds. To demonstrate the difference between Wise and Barclays, I’ve included example transactions with respective fees:

Additionally, see the live Wise Price change checker which shows you the total fee and how it is calculated.

Create a borderless account through Wise here

How does Wise Borderless keep your money safe?

Wise is an authorised Electronic Money Institution independently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, an operation which moves up to £2 billion every month. The Wise Debit MasterCard is issued by Wise Ltd under license by Mastercard International Inc.

Common Types of Wise User 

Conclusions from Experience

Being a freelancer in Thailand, I receive income in various currencies from certain sources. The Wise Borderless account has become a personal necessity which I highly recommend. Likewise, the safeness, speed and convenience of transactions are central factors in choosing them as my preferred provider. I first used Wise to transfer funds between AUD and GBP whilst living in Australia in 2016. Once I started online projects including Online English Teaching in Thailand, the account became even more beneficial in making savings. I currently use Wise to receive and transfer between AUD, USD, GBP and THB, as well as spending in my local currency, Thai Baht.

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