Thai Breakfast – Enjoy Khai Gra-Ta or ‘Vietnamese Thai Breakfast’

Thai Breakfast – Enjoy Khai Gra-Ta or ‘Vietnamese Thai Breakfast’

December 6, 2020 7 By Jeffo Blogs

Five places to try the popular Thai Breakfast

Khai gra ta literally translates as pan fried eggs yet on menus you usually see it translated as Vietnamese Breakfast. The latter translation refers to certain ingredients that Thais have adopted from Vietnam to use in this Thai Breakfast. Khai gra ta is typically served in a small pan blending a delicious and colourful array of ingredients. A feature I love about Thailand is the ability to eat outdoors at authentic restaurants, cafes or street food outlets. Likewise, I’ve sampled Khai gra ta several times at cafes and restaurants in Chiang Mai, many of which are superb locations. Some ingredients in Khai gra ta can be substituted and I have enjoyed slightly contrasting, tasty versions at the following places.

1 – Santitham Breakfast, Santitham, Chiang Mai

At Santitham Breakfast they serve two slices of toast with the breakfast.

A firm favourite of ours, Santitham Breakfast is located just a few minutes from our apartment with a range of Thai Breakfast. On my first visit, I selected the Vietnamese Breakfast which arrived in a mini pan including the fried egg. Additionally, it contained Vietnamese sausage, Thai sweet sausage, red pepper, mushrooms, ham and spring onions. This was incredibly appetising blending a variety of flavours, particularly the two types of sausage. Khai gra ta has been delicious on subsequent occasions, and, along with a wide ranging menu, I highly recommend the restaurant.

2 Tiger Ted Cafe, Huay Kaew Road, Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai

Tiger Ted Cafe offers a range of coffees and breakfast options.

Tiger Ted Cafe is a pleasant cafe close to the Maya Shopping Mall on Huay Kaew Road. I enjoyed their iced coffee which complemented the breakfast or brunch particularly well. On the above occasion we ordered Khai gra ta which came with fried egg, slices of Vietnamese sausage, two types of Thai sausage and a spring onion. Again, the dish combined an enjoyable range of flavours and ingredients, was good value and satisfied our hunger.

3 Mao Coffee Shop, Chiang Mai Outer Ring Road

Mao Coffee shop is located on the highway which leads to Hang Dong.

Mao Coffee Shop is positioned just off the Chiang Mai Outer Ring Road amidst a tropical setting and mountain views. I’ve been here several times, most recently with my Mum when we road tripped into the mountains. Likewise, when my girlfriend and I visited one morning we chose Khai gra ta accompanied by iced coffees. This came with well cooked fried egg, Vietnamese sausage, pork floss, spring onion and a slice of toast. Above all, the dish was tasty, especially the pork floss, and presented attractively on a small chopping board.

4 Black Gooseberry Thai Breakfast, Jed Yod, Chiang Mai

The iced drinks that accompanied the Khai gra ta: an iced latte and chrysanthemum iced tea.

On our one visit to date we ordered iced drinks and the Khai gra ta. A friend of ours had recommended we try the restaurant-cafe near to Chiang Mai University main campus. Similarly, the breakfast included fried egg, Vietnamese sausage, Thai sweet sausage, fried onion and coriander to garnish. This was the only Khai gra ta I’ve sampled with fried onion and I very much enjoyed the textures and flavours. Further, the coriander garnish contributed colour and freshness to a delicious Vietnamese Thai Breakfast.

5 Azalea Village Resort, Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai

This version was served with Banh mi (a Vietnamese baguette and true staple) on the side.

In May 2020 my girlfriend and I travelled to Chiang Dao staying at Azalea Village Resort with breakfast included. Our breakfast consisted of Jok, fresh fruit, savoury donut and Khai gra ta. The Khai gra ta comprised Vietnamese sausage, Thai sweet sausage, yellow pepper, carrot, spring onion and the obligatory fried egg. Certainly, the breakfast was exceptionally tasty with unique flavours from the various ingredients. With the addition of Banh mi, I regard it as one of the best I’ve sampled in Thailand.