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    Pai – Winter in Thailand’s most mountainous Province

    Two nights in the peaks of the North My first visit to Pai meant a return to Mae Hong Son, a province I was so intrigued by. We took the Prempracha minivan through mountainous terrain with steep inclines and sharp cambers. I was engrossed by the narrow streets and serene setting when we arrived at Pai after the 4-hour journey. Whilst at a cafe stop in the town centre, I noted the large foreign community present. Moreover, I was curious as to why Pai was such an attractive place for tourists and expats. Being December, the weather was the coolest I’d encountered in Thailand, especially in the mornings when scooting.…

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    Waterfall Trips – Four to explore in Chiang Mai Province

    Waterfall Trips: 1 – Huaykaew Waterfall, Suthep Huaykaew Waterfall is a picturesque spot close to the mountains of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and the city. The waterfall is ideal for a short trek or a pitstop on the trek towards the National Park. I took the hiking trail leading north of the waterfall, winding up to Wang Bua Ban viewpoint. Furthermore, visiting during the dry season meant the water levels were lower, hence I could climb further. At the entrance I saw the Kruba Srivichai Monument, a small Buddhist shrine which is beautifully decorative. To read about additional waterfall trips in Chiang Mai Province see the following blog post. Waterfall…