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Sorare SO5 Football – Improve your performance with SorareData

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All Sorare are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain network which can be kept as collectibles, traded and used in Sorare competitions as well as other platforms or games. Generating profit with Sorare NFTs is achievable by trading them after price appreciation or weekly earnings dependent upon the performance of the players in your line up. The following guide focuses on the use of Sorare cards in external platforms, specifically the SO5 competitions integrated through SorareData. Note, screenshots displayed below are taken from both the Sorare Data Desktop and App versions (they have slight distinctions on functionality).

When first using Sorare Data, link your account with Sorare by signing in with your Sorare credentials.

SO5 Tournaments with SorareData

A notably favourable aspect of Sorare in comparison to other NFTs is the specific play utility that these assets have. While simply buying cards for purely monetary speculation is a viable strategy, bi-weekly SO5 tournaments give users another reason to compete with these. The Leagues and Cups game modes (Play menu) on SorareData realise your cards at higher intrinsic value, allowing you to use them for other fantasy football tournaments. SorareData provides the option to challenge in leagues with 100 managers of a comparable rank, rather than 1000s of other Sorare users. These evolve over 6 games, taking the format of a head to head or regional round robin cup.

SO5 Rewards and Requirements

Depending on card scarcity, players acquire boosts for points they achieve and the league’s best managers receive card rewards. The combination of high player points and winning cards help you achieve promotions to higher leagues and challenge for further rewards. In each competition, gaining over 400 points earns you a Limited card with which you can assemble your team, trade or use to take part in advanced tournaments. Unlike some standard Sorare tournaments, Limited (blockchain) cards are entry level requirements to SO5 leagues and cups, so initially you need at least 5. Additionally, some tournaments permit 11-card lineups, yet there might be stipulations regarding card scarcity, season and league. For further information on tournaments see SorareData Cup Rules.

SO5 Line-up Builder and Statistics

Though Sorare provides a tournament schedule a month ahead, only the current and upcoming game week are accessible to upload your team. Nevertheless, you can plan to include players from particular leagues with SorareData’s Lineup Builder (SO5 menu). The interface is akin to standard Sorare, but consists of further filters for player form and availability. For example, statistics enabling you to bypass players who commit the most fouls, receive the most yellow cards or are most injury prone. When selecting formations, the most recent 15 scores of your players and their average score against their next opponents are displayed. Such statistics are convenient for those who aren’t able to examine the forthcoming matches before picking their lineup.

Player Analysis and Searches

The Impact Players tab, under the Game Week Center page (SO5 menu) shows how many versions of a specific player have been entered in each league. You’re able to filter by region and player position to see each of your players next opposition, reducing time spent scrolling through individual matches and leagues. Given the vast array of Sorare global tournaments, this is a valuable tool for those who aren’t knowledgeable on the variety of players and clubs in a region. Impact Players is also excellent for research on new and completely undiscovered young players, allowing you to develop your scouting.

The Impact Players tab is found by selecting the Gameweek Center page from the SO5 menu on Desktop.
Navigate to GW Center and then the Players tab on the app.

By conducting player searches, the statistics produced on individual cards are hugely beneficial in realising your possible ROI from SO5 competitions. The Cards tab displays the quantity of cards for each player that have been minted, the rarest cards and the ones that have the least auctions left for the season. This feature can also be helpful for grasping player prices and choosing to wait for an auction or alternatively, view the secondary market. 

Desktop Player Search for Hans Vanaken, the first ever Sorare player card minted.
Navigate to Scout menu and then the Advanced search tab on the app.

Scouting by Team

Under the Team Rankings page (Scout menu), users are provided a ranking displaying average positional scores of every real team for each match from their last 10 opponents. For instance, you can check the extent to which opposing midfielders have scored amongst many other stats. Alternatively, you could view the team with the lowest performance or if there is a deficiency in a particular league. Team rankings is particularly enhanced when you play in new regions or in those where not all of the clubs are licensed to compete in Sorare. Note, SorareData does compile data on unlicensed clubs (and players), for example clubs in the Austrian Bundesliga.

SorareData Manager Profile

The SorareData manager profile shows an extensive amount of data, saving a great deal of time on day-to-day research, and helps you monitor your expenses and earnings. On the Sorare platform the latter can be complex as a result of daily price fluctuations and the absence of a distinct transaction record. However, via the My gallery page, all of your transactions can be easily checked without the need to scroll through specific ones as you would on the Ethereum Blockchain. You also don’t need to remember which card you won and when as all of this is displayed, along with a concise evaluation of your team and equivalent prices.

The My gallery page produces an array of statistics on both desktop and app (above and below).

Graphic elaborations

Another analytic element of SorareData is that relating to graphs, in keeping with the transparency SorareData advocates. The Charts page under the Market menu, is an innovative mix of charts allowing you to follow Sorare’s growth. Such charts include the number of cards minted, new users and the amount of managers increasing their supply of player cards. Likewise, analysing preceding game weeks on Sorare can take time, particularly when looking at data from many weeks back. With SorareData, you can choose specific weeks from the drop-down menu which simplifies the reviewing of strong and weak performances. Additionally, the SO5 results page details your achievements and how near you are to weekly rewards.

Concluding Points

Given the massive volume of information processed, SorareData can be an extremely valuable resource for all types of user. Having discovered Sorare Data within the initial months of joining Sorare, I gained enormous insight from the data in the categories discussed. SorareData helped improve my abilities as a manager, providing opportunity to challenge for rewards time efficiently, whilst also expanding my general football knowledge. Ultimately, these benefits and the option to compete with your cards in additional competitions are reasons why I highly recommend adopting SorareData. Hopefully, this guide assists you with navigating and benefitting from various functions, and therefore drive you towards a rewarding Sorare experience.

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