Password Managers – Safety and Convenience with NordPass

Password Managers – Safety and Convenience with NordPass

August 1, 2021 0 By Jeffo Blogs


Put simply, NordPass is an encrypted Password Manager and Vault developed by the same cybersecurity team as NordVPN. You’re able to conveniently manage, store and autofill your passwords, making account logins easier and faster. Additionally, you can generate really secure passwords with the random password generator. NordPass implement extremely strong security protocols like Master Passwords and Biometric Authentication which you use to access your account. Read on for more intricate analysis on these and my own conclusions as a Premium user.

NordPass offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the Premium Plan.

Summary of main features and benefits

  • Streamlined interface that is really easy to use, including offline.
  • Login and web form autofill (saves your logins and credentials).
  • In-built password generator.
  • Infinite password storage.
  • Automatic syncing and backup across all your devices.
  • Multi-factor authentication methods (protect your most sensitive data).
  • *In-built Data Breach Scanner (scan for leaked personal information).
  • *Password strength analysis (pinpoint weak or compromised passwords).
  • *Share personal info securely (share with trusted recipients and create trusted contacts).
  • *Remain logged in when changing devices (up to 6 devices).

*Premium features

NordPass Premium Plans

NordPass have opted for simplicity by just creating just three – Monthly, Annual and Bi-Annual.

  • 2-year plan at $1.43 per month + 1 month free or $35.76 for 2 years. Previously $2.49 per month or $59.76 for 2 years.
  • 1-year plan at $2.99 per month or $35.88 every year. Previously $4.99 per month or $59.88 every year.
  • 1 month plan – $4.99 per month (set price) – suits those who want a one month trial with a refund option. Yet as demonstrated you’ll make significant savings (around 50%) if you choose the yearly plans.

Disclaimer: I have included affiliate links with the above discounts on the 1 and 2-year plans (use code cybernews). Supposing you sign up to a Premium plan, I would receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Analysing specific features and benefits

General Encryption Process

NordPass is built with XChaCha20 encryption algorithm, a high class method of encrypting and decrypting data. For example, your passwords are encrypted on your device and only then stored in the cloud. As a result, NordPass (even their employees) cannot view, edit or by any means manage users’ passwords. Other sensitive details like login credentials, credit card details and secure notes can be stored in your encrypted vault. These are unlocked by your Master Password, the only one you do need to remember.

The encrypted vault on the NordPass Desktop version where you store your personal data.

Autofill Password

The autofill feature removes the need to remember your passwords meaning you’re able to create safer ones. You can bulk import your passwords from a CSV file or add them manually. Likewise, this feature also applies to credit cards, addresses and other items stored in your vault. The next time you login or shop online, your credentials are already at your disposal. Certainly, autofill is a fast, convenient and super safe method of locating and managing your information.

Secure Password Sharing

One of the most useful attributes is being able to share passwords and other personal details with people you trust. There are two ways you can do this:

  • 1. Select the password/s or details you want to share and simply enter the recipient’s email address.
  • 2. Create trusted contacts, to establish a verifiable link between you and a receiver, and prevent man in the middle attacks.

This feature enables you access to the same password or personal detail without needing to manually enter it into NordPass. Though it’s a Premium feature, free users can access shared information, however, edits they make won’t be visible to others. Read further about the benefits NordPass Premium offers for Sharing Items and Trusted Contacts,

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Biometric Authentication

Your face and fingerprints are the most exclusive, secure and convenient passwords ever created. The NordPass App enables use of Touch or Face ID to unlock your account and replace your Master Password. Additionally, NordPass provides 2-factor-authentication (2FA), an extra obstacle for a hacker, were they to obtain your Master Password. 2FA is the standard when accessing your Web 3 or Cryptocurrency protocols on Blockchains such as Sorare, one of many I currently use.

USB Security Keys

Alternatively, you can use a physical Security Key (USB) as your favoured MFA login. Yet the key must fit the FIDO U2F standard to be verified with Webauthn before registering it with NordPass. This helps NordPass verify that you are you and creates an even greater challenge for anyone to hack your account. Another benefit is that the USB key is not attached to your identity and is just a verification method. Consequently, your personal details are stored on remote servers without exposing a digital trail. Ultimately, the USB key is simple to run and additionally, many support biometric authentication.

Verdict a worthy Password Manager?

Overall, I consider NordPass efficient and inexpensive with various key features accessible on the free version. If you want to use NordPass on several devices simultaneously, the Premium version is definitely advantageous. Further, the NordPass desktop and app versions are smart, well designed and not complicated, providing an enjoyable user experience. Above all, security is highly prioritised, for instance the use of XChaCha20 encryption which is really robust in facing cyberattacks. NordPass is based in Panama where data retention laws are not compulsory. Therefore, NordPass are not required to retain logs or provide them to governments. To conclude, I highly recommend downloading NordPass as your trusty Password Manager.

Existing NordVPN Users

As an existing NordVPN user you can obtain 2 months of NordVPN free when you download NordPass. You don’t need a separate NordPass account, just log in with your NordVPN details and create a Master Password.