Teaching English Online begins in South East Asia

Teaching English Online begins in South East Asia

July 17, 2019 8 By Jeffo Blogs

Learning about the world of Online Tuition

I explored online English teaching once extending my Chiang Mai stay. Although unexpected, the opportunity has been both invaluable and rewarding. In addition, networking with teaching communities has unlocked further doors and broadened my horizons. With the flexibility of online English teaching, I’ve acquired projects, travelled and pursued personal interests.

An example of a PalFish Official Kids Course slide.

Why should you apply?

The demand to learn English, particularly from China, has contributed to a vast array of platforms entering the market. These platforms compete for teachers by creating appealing models with low entry barriers. As a result, many offer flexible hours and the convenience of teaching from home. Additionally, pay rates and referral programs to supplement your income are incentives for prospective teachers.

Application and Preparation for Teaching Online

Provided you have a TEFL Certificate or equivalent and have undergone an interview, the chances of being hired are likely. Companies differ as regard qualifications, some require a Bachelors Degree yet some expect teaching experience. Furthermore, teaching English online involves virtually no start up costs. If you have basic props and a background, then you don’t need to spend a great deal. As you become accustomed and start earning, you might consider flashcards, puppets and reward systems. For app based teaching, I recommend purchasing a tripod stand for phone stability.

The background ‘classroom’ setup in my apartment room for DaDa, formerly DaDaABC.

The importance of the TEFL Certificate

In November 2018 there were alterations to Chinese Education regulations. This meant companies required new teachers to have TEFL Certificate or similar. There are several websites offering the accredited TEFL for around $40. Take advantage of the Groupon deal I used as an introduction to teaching.

A Welcome Video example for Online English Teachers

For PalFish I recommend recording your video in portrait orientation as this is what you use when teaching.

A welcome video helps students and parents gain insight into their prospective teacher.

  • From experience of working for PalFish and DaDa, an effective video should between thirty seconds and two minutes.
  • Information like your birth country, interests, achievements and teaching experience are always engaging. Likewise the use of creativity, props and capturing your welcoming background.
  • The use of Total Physical Response (TPR) is beneficial for kinaesthetic learners. Apply to PalFish or DaDa through these referral links and start earning today. If you apply and are accepted, then I would receive a small bonus at no added cost to you.