F45 Functional Training – Competing in the 45 Day Challenge

F45 Functional Training – Competing in the 45 Day Challenge

October 19, 2021 0 By Jeffo Blogs

F45 Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

In 2018 I joined a 7-day free trial at the newly-opened Chiang Mai F45 before going onto workout at several other gyms. On returning to Chiang Mai in 2021, I enrolled on another 7-day free trial and thoroughly enjoyed the variety of daily workouts. Subsequently, I purchased a 3-month membership which I’ve since extended by another 6 months. I find the F45 class training style suits my exercise needs and would encourage others to take part in free trial classes.

Various challenge awards and prizes.

The F45 Challenge (August 16th-September 30th)

Pre challenge photo and scan

15/08/21 – photo taken a day before the challenge.
InBody is the app we connected with the weighing machine which provides information on several factors.

I entered the C33 F45 challenge which F45 studios in 45 countries The challenge concentrates on tracking fitness goals while participating in F45 interval, strength and cardiovascular training. Further, this customised training targets burning fat mass while building lean muscle. The winner and runner-up of the challenge are the people who lose the most body fat (%) while gaining the most muscle mass (kg). Meanwhile there are other challenge awards covering varying factors:

  • Spirit of C33
  • Lean Mass
  • Body Fat %
  • Weight Loss

After Challenge Photo and Scan

30/09/21 – a day after the challenge finished.
Scans were also taken on days 10, 20 and 30 as shown in the comparison below.

Summary of Results

My final scan shows a 0.5kg body fat decrease with a 1.6kg increase in muscle mass from the first scan. Additionally, I gained 2kg in overall weight whilst my body fat percentage reduced by 1%. Subsequently, I discovered that with these results I had achieved the Lean Mass challenge award. During the challenge my girlfriend and I managed our diets to incorporate greater protein and less unhealthy carbohydrates. I plan to enter the next challenge, C34 which starts on October 25th and runs until December 8th.

I was pleasantly surprised to win the lean mass award and felt my efforts were worthwhile.