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Revolut Vs Wise – solving currency exchange issues

Reviewing Fintech Providers  Organising easy access to your investments without unnecessary costs can be challenging. However, the use of fintech has contributed to financial management becoming increasingly effortless and convenient. Wise and Revolut are the main fintech I use to minimise fees and in this article I provide brief reviews of each. Note, I refer …


Road Trip from Korat to Chiang Mai in the delivery truck

Korat-Nakhon Sawan-Sukhothai-Lampang-Chiang Mai In May 2021 my girlfriend and I visited her parents while there were increased travel restrictions. As on previous trips to Korat we firstly flew to Don Muang, Bangkok. Our plan was to drive one of the family delivery cars to Chiang Mai, useful given uncertainty over domestic flights. This post recounts …