VPNs – Analysing their main benefits using the NordVPN example

Virtual Private Networks – a personal essential

As you may know, a VPN provides you with easy-to-use online privacy protection and security. However, VPNs such as NordVPN, the service I currently use, offer many more benefits:

1. Avoid Bandwidth Throttling (slow connection speeds)

An irritating part of the internet is the persistent buffering when watching videos or streaming TV series. Bandwidth throttling can happen to anyone trying to access streaming services, file sharing platforms and gaming websites. Throttling occurs when your ISP attempts to decrease bandwidth congestion which directly affects the speed of streaming and downloading content. Additionally, ISPs restrict users that consume massive amounts of data to provide the same speeds for everyone. A VPN encrypts your traffic so your ISP can’t view or regulate your activity and therefore can’t slow you down.

2. VPNs save you money on flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals

VPNs like Nord VPN influence currencies and points of sale with the best deals and cheapest rates on your holiday. Erasing your browser cookies or using incognito mode help bypass flight rates which increase through your searches. Similarly, prices vary in different countries but a VPN makes it look like you’re browsing from a country where they’re less. Your IP address discloses your geographical location (geo-blocks) which a VPN disguises in one click. For example, tickets to your chosen destination cost less when booked with a German website than a U.K. one.

3. VPNs Enhance your Security on Public Wi-Fi

With VPNs encrypting your online traffic, you can feel more assured connecting to Wi-Fi in a hotel, train, airport or coffee shop. Public Wi-Fi networks are not secured meaning it’s extremely easy to get your connection hacked by an Wi-Fi Evil Twin attack. This happens when attackers establish fake Wi-Fi points that impersonate legitimate ones to hijack exploitable personal and financial information. A VPN ensures your data is safe, and even if a hacker intercepts your data, they are not able to use it. NordVPN offers competitively priced, unrivalled layers of protection with its Double Data Encryption, so your information is encrypted twice.

4. Assist you in downloading and uploading files securely

P2P file sharing distributes and downloads open-source software, public domain videos or generally, large amounts of data on the network. Yet many ISPs are not mad about their consumers participating in P2P activities. Consequently, you can receive slow connections, diminished bandwidth and restricted access to file sharing sites. Additionally, users on the same network can view each IP address causing a significant security threat with extreme consequences. Using a VPN, you can operate P2P without your ISP hindering you while staying secure without interceptions. 

5. VPNs Protect you from Price Discrimination

Say you touchdown overseas and immediately head to the nearest Starbucks for a coffee. At the till you are charged five dollars, while the person in front paid four dollars for the same coffee. Many online stores advertise different prices and search results for identical items based on your browsing location. Therefore, before purchasing clear your cookies to ensure websites forget you’ve visited them previously. Again, launch your VPN and select a country to appear like you’re browsing from this location. In addition, you can switch between locations to see if the prices are less. Nord VPN has the most extensive range of servers of VPNs I have experienced to date.

6. Keep your Conversations Private and Secure

You’re calling a family member or arranging a business webinar for instance. The likelihood that someone could be secretly listening to your personal conversations is genuine. Despite VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services becoming safer and harder to hack, they are not invincible against eavesdropping. Some services like Skype are commonly prohibited in highly-censored countries, so a VPN is essential, particularly if you are living abroad. Further, a VPN enables you to sidestep geo-blocks and secures your traffic with robust encryption, thwarting snoopers and third-parties from monitoring you.

7. Allows visits to your favourite Websites when you’re overseas

Using a VPN you can access websites and services that may be limited by your location. These are the two main explanations for geo-blocks and site-restrictions abroad. Firstly, government surveillance: Less democratic countries are notorious for censoring their citizens and blocking websites. When you visit, the likelihood is you’ll be restricted access to social media websites and others that are usually accessible. Secondly, copyright infringements: sites may be blocked due to copyright agreements that are granted by country basis. For example, BBC iPlayer for UK residents, it doesn’t work elsewhere except with a VPN connected to a U.K. server.

Get Nord for $3.71 per month, $59 per year or $99 for 2 years.

Observations and Recommendations

VPNs give you access to a entire new world of content by removing geo restrictions and content blocks. Consequently, I consider NordVPN to be a superior provider in this regard. Nord have 5,500 servers in 59 countries, the most comprehensive coverage I’ve found, and their UI is really navigable. You can analyse NordVPN reviews to read more from users across the world who use the service.

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